Summertime – Inese Galante & Friends 2013


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Dzintari Concert Hall
  On 12th August, on Monday, the opening concert will let you travel into a 200-year-old history. Richard Wagner and Giuseppe Verdi – this year the world is celebrating the centenary anniversaries of these composer’s. Working each in their own countries, in Germany and Italy, they both sought to achieve the expressiveness of musical drama. The best arias of Wagner and Verdi will be played in that evening accompanied by Latvian National Symphony Orchestra and conductor Gintaras Rinkevičius (Lithuania). Inese Galante has invited Latvian opera stars Aleksandr Antonenko (tenor) and Egils Silins (bassbaritone) and the brightest foreign performers of Wagner’s music – Emma Vetter (soprano, Sweden), Lars Cleveman (tenor, Sweden) and Christina Khosrowi (mezzo-soprano, Germany) to Dzintari concert hall’s stage to celebrate together the 200th birthday of Wagner and Verdi and the opening of festival.
Dzintari Concert Hall
  On the 13th of August, Tuesday, in Dzintari concert hall will be the performance of the cultural tradition of Argentina – tango. Not only its creators, Argentineans, are touched by the dance because of its expression, zest and inappropriate closeness of opposite genders, but in the 20s of the 20th century it conquered the entire world. Along with developing the academic music Astor Piazzolla has developed also tango traditions, making this an essential genre in professional music. “Piazzolla quintet” is an ensemble that originated in Russia. In tango they saw everything that is also of importance in every genre of music – the rhythm of heart and the projection of soul.
Dzintari Concert Hall
  The world of ballet is wide and interesting. On 14th of August, Wednesday, in festival “Summertime – Inessa Galante and Friends” we will have an opportunity to watch Riga Ballet Theatre’s musical and choreographic staging “The Strings of Soul”. The dancers will live through faiths of different people. They will reflect human relationships – love, friendship and lust, loneliness and despair. It is a collage of human emotions and feelings that will be shown through dance. The moves will be accompanied by violin, the melodies of Raimonds Pauls and modern visualization.
Dzintari Concert Hall
  The “Summertime” concert on Thursday, August 15, will let you experience an unusual peace. The most popular classical music of earlier centuries and nowadays is a genre that is easier to understand and closer to people’s hearts. Popular music of different eras will be performed by Latvian singers Inese Galante (soprano) and Ingus Pētersons (tenor). These musicians will be performing together after a pause of several years. Also on stage will be invited Sergejs Jēgers (countertenor) who will sing the popular songs of centuries with his astonishing voice.
Dzintari Concert Hall

  On 16th August, Friday, tenor Placido Domingo Jr. will perform with a program of Latino senses in the festival “Summertime – Inessa Galante and Friends”. The ruler of this music genre is the energetic dance rhythm and joy. Latino sound has charmed many people around the world and this time it will charm the audience of Dzintari concert hall. This music suits well to summer adventures near the beach and that is what Placido Domingo Jr. will try to achieve with Latvian pianist Harijs Bašs. There will be no sadness because the stage will be a bright oasis.
Dzintari Concert Hall
  The concert on Saturday, 17th of August, will be in jazz senses together with Russian saxophone star Igor Butman and his quartet. Igor Butman has spent a long time in USA, playing together with professional and popular jazz masters. He has created a bright ensemble of performers to whom jazz music is really close. Igor Butman is considered a bridge between two largest countries of the world – Russia and USA. This year the beautiful sound of tenor saxophone will echo in festival “Summertime – Inessa Galante and Friends”.                                                                                                        
Dzintari Concert Hall
  On Sunday, 18th August, the grand finale “Gala Galante” of festival „Summertime – Inessa Galante and Friends” will take place in Dzintari concert hall. Because of different music genres and culture mix, during this evening it will be possible to understand how universal the language of music and how close peoples unity is. This evening will surely give joy and greatly surprise! Inese Galante (soprano) and Oleg Bezinskikh (countertenor, Russia) will perform the brightest melodies of classics. Ray M. Wade Jr. (tenor, USA) will invite you to listen to spiritual music. Intars Busulis (vocal) will represent Latvia with maestro Raimonds Paul’s songs. On the stage of Dzintari concert hall Latvia’s new talent Daniils Kuzmins (vocal) will be performing the repertoire of Robertino Loreti. Also the new Latvian star Andrejs Feldmanis Jr. will perform with the sound of piano. These and many more artists together with Latvian National Symphony Orchestra and Norwegian conductor Terje Mikkelsen will make the final concert “Gala Galante” a memorable and magnificent event.
Festival “Summertime – Inessa Galante and Friends” will be celebrating its anniversary next year and everyone is invited to be a part of this joyful event.


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