Summertime – Inessa Galante & Friends

SUMMERTIME 2019 – Inese Galante & friends 

One of the most famous international music festivals in Latvia “Summertime – Inese Galante & friends” , will mark its 15thanniversary this summer, from 5 to 11 August. It will bring the brightest jazz, rock-n-roll, Balkan and classical music stars to Dzintari Concert Hall. Traditionally, the legendary festival, inspired by the world-famous opera diva Inese Galante, has become the culmination of the summer concert season in Jurmala.


“Summertime 2018 – Inessa Galante & Friends”

From August 9 to 12 and 14 to 15, 2018 in Jurmala



7 of July Summertime Preludy – Inessa Galante and Aivars Kalejs at Riga Cathedral

Bach and Hendel – 330!

By honouring two contemporaries and musical geniuses Johan Sebastian Bach and Georg Friedrich Handel a concert of subtle baroque chamber music gems will be held at Riga Cathedral by soprano Inese Galante and organist Aivars Kalejs. The collaboration of the two is a truly awaited event – the duo`s interpretations include works from ancient music to romanticism, always translating the music score with delicate, subtle nuances. Their performances are made exeptional and out-standing by the magnificent and heartfelt vocal of Inese Galante.

This summer in Dzintaru concert hall, Jurmala it is the eleventh time of the Summertime festival, held by the Latvian prominent soprano Inese Galante. The theme of this year is voice in all its appearances and manifestations – rough, tender, seductive, dancing, cheering. The most subtle musical instrument – the human voice, voice of brass and wood instruments, always distinctive with its unique palette of timbres. Thrilling, alarming, elevating, calming. As always, the program consists of wide variety of genres – from classical to jazz, popular and world music. Every listener will find an exeptional concert according to one`s musical taste.

10 August Lidia Baich. The Voice of the Violin

The Summertime festival will be opened by it`s hostess Inese Galante and the worldy acclaimed heroic tenor Andreas Schager who will delight the listeners with his golden voice, as described by The Independent. The opening concert will be an audiovisual adventure with world-class musicians. It will be the Austrian violinist Lidia Baich with the conductor and pianist Matthias Fletzberger and the specialists of Viennese classicism The Schoenbrunn Festival Orchestra performing the show Magic of the Violin. It`s the Summertime festival where Baich has chosen to celebrate a world premiere of the show. It will be a musical journey from baroque Italy and Vivaldi through Vienna and Mozart, Beethoven and Strauss to the XX and XXI century music when the violin appears in Hollywood soundtracks and Crossover music.

11 August Canadian Brass. The Breath of Brass

The brass quintet Canadian Brass are legends of their genre, performing with the utmost quality and delivering unforgettable music experience for over 40 years, winners of Grammy and Echo Klassik prizes. They break down boundaries of musical genres and tehnical ability, playing a repertoire form baroque to diksilend and Broadway, from Monteverdi and Bach`s Art of Fugue to Rimsky-Korsakov`s Flight of the Bumblebee and countless arrangements of their own as well as specially commissioned pieces for the Canadian Brass. They pay special attention to make a contact with the audience. It`s impossible to predict their setlist, which vey likely will appear spontaneously, communicating with the listeners. Nevertheless we can feel sure about one thing: whatever genres Canadian Brass will choose to play at their concert, it will be an example of extraordinary partnership in a performance of a world-class brass quintet. The concert will close their Europe tour.

12 August Andrea Motis. Mediterranean Vibrations

A child prodigy, owner of a velvety voice for which she is compared with Nora Jones – a vocalist, saxaphonist and trumpetist Andrea Motis has made a dazzling international debut as a new bright musical talent. Collaboration with Catalonian music grand-master, saxophonist, basist and her mentor Joan Chamorro. At the age of 15 Motis and Chamorro release their first album. Summertime festival listeners will have the chance to hear both of them at the concert. The master-apprentice connection between the two relates to the Summertime festival tradition of welcoming the winners of the Inese Galante`s Talents competition to join the Summertime stage among the more experienced professional musicians. Though Motis is the youngest musician in the group, she is described as the soul of the band. They will perform Portuguese bossa nova, French and Spanish music and well-known melodies. It will be a perfect musical evening for those who yearn for the southern Sun.

13 August Bel Canto Feast With Inese Galante

The best works of the golden repertoire of the Italian opera share some similar qualities: well-crafted melodies with an unforgettable suppleness and almost transparent lightness; a tuneful harmony which can reflect in the listenter with it`s elegance and beautiful simplicity an inner harmony, a feeling of balance as if looking in a mirror. Or one can simply feel a genuine joy. Yet this cheerful feeling doubles in intensity when such a musical piece serves for a place where two outstanding interpreters meet for a conversation, a dialogue, a duo. In the fourth day of festival it is time for a duo evening – an integral tradition of the Summertime, a brand of quality, a delicately chosen musical program performed with brilliance. Inese Galante besides herself has invited exquisite singers from Latvia and abroad to perform the best of the Italian classical opera repertoire. Under the baton of Ekhart Wycik we will hear stylistically diverse Latvian mezzo soprano Ilona Bagele, highly demanded bass-baritone Egils Silins, Inese Galante`s long-time partner on stage, countertenor Sergejs Jegers and world-class spieltenor Alexander Graf – on of the most talented interpreter of the spieltenor roles.

14 August The Swingles. Friday in A Cappella feeling 

The pride of London`s vocal ensembles The Swingles will arrive at the fifth Summertime festival concert. The a cappella singer septet is one of the best professional vocal ensembles today. The Swingles are historically inseparable with the legendary ensemble, five Grammy prize winners The Swingle Singers, found in the sixties. They sang Bach`s fugues in a way never heard before, their masterful arrangments ensured them a worldwide attention. The generations have changed and The Swingles continue the best traditions of their predecessors by arranging and performing music at a broad diversity of genres with an astonishing virtuosity and thrilling sound.

15 August Joey Morant, Daniil Kramer. New York-Moscow-New Orleans

Great news await the Summertime audience – this will be the second year for the legendary jazz pianist Daniel Kramer to visit the festival. In a program dedicated to the jazz genius Louis Armstrong, Kramer will perform with the virtuoso trompetist from USA, master of scat Joey Morant. This surely will turn out as on of the most unforgettable summer experiences in the Latvian jazz summer.


The traditional concert on the last day of the Summertime festival will be a brilliant, unforgetabble culmination of musical festivity created by Inese Galante, as always, it willl hold many suprises for the listeners. Together with Inese we will hear a remarkable group of musicians who at the same time are her close friends. Soprano of the St Petersburg school, well-known by Latvian audience Olesja Petrova, harismatic and world-acclaimed spieltenor, a long-time friend of Inese  – Alexander Graf. Inese`s Latvian colleagues and responsive partners at stage, top-level vocalists each in their own genre – Sergejs Jegers and Intars Busulis. On of the best Latvina cello ensembles – crossover band Da Gamba. And the two prominent personalities of jazz – pianist Daniel Kramer and trompetist Joey Morant. Orchestra will be conducted by Ekhart Wycik in the last day of festival.



Summertime 2019